Girls Raised in the South-GRITS: The Musical // July 14 – 31, 2016

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A Play by Erica Allen McGee Based on the book Friends are Forevah by Deborah Ford

July 14–31, 2016

It’s four women, four generations, and four different views. It’s your mother, your sister, your grandma, your best friend. It’s sweet tea, collard greens, fresh tomatoes, and banana puddin’. It’s stories you’ll recognize and tales from the past. It’s country music, jazz tunes, old time blues, and toe tappin’ rock. It’s the old, the new, and some things in between. It’s about love and laughter, revelation and grace. It’s GRITS: The Musical!

“A chance for all Girls Raised in the South to revel in our wonderfulness….” –Jill Connor Browne, author of The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love